Hi All! I am Sunny, I am a surgery resident, a world champion physique competitor, a fitness coach and the owner of On Szn Fitness Inc.


My athletic background is in soccer and track, but body building stole my heart once I started training consistently in medical school. I quickly became passionate about body building because the lifestyle positively affected every aspect of my life. A body building lifestyle demands discipline, routine and perpetual self-reflection in order to be successful. When these three habits are in place you are not only able to reach your full potential physically and aesthetically but also intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

As my fitness journey progressed, those around me saw me transform and many people started asking me to make them training programs and meal plans. I took these requests extremely seriously and started constructing custom plans. I combined what I learned from reading scientific literature with: medical knowledge, the anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system, my education in nutrition, and my experience as a collegiate level athlete. I was privileged enough to have the trust of some committed and motivated people who were able to achieve incredible transformations, and with that On Szn Fitness was born. I believe in living a life of servitude and hope that through On Szn Fitness I will be able to share my knowledge, experience and hard work to make a dynamic and positive impact on the lives of others.

I am a Greek American and come from a family of incredible chefs. I love coming up with healthy and creative recipes, as well as growing my own vegetables and catching my own fish. I currently live in the beautiful state of Florida and spend as much time as I can being outdoors gardening, fishing or kayaking.

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