The Glute Doc 1.0


Being a busy individual, I value my time and when I train, I want it to be as efficient as possible. However, maximal efficiency doesn’t mean I want to get my training done faster, it means I want to reach my goals faster. It means that every set and every rep I do, I want to count and to be used to expedite my gains. There’s nothing worse than lifting for a long period of time and then realizing you accidentally overdeveloped a certain muscle and destroyed your natural aesthetics or proportions. Strength training with heavier and heavier compound lifts were initially how I put on size over the course of several years to obtain muscular density and maturity. Although there is no way around progressively lifting heavier to grow, I do wish I knew several things about training that I know now and will share them with you here.

Sizing Guide


The Glute Doc 1.o 

This program is carefully designed to build your glutes and legs in the most efficient and aesthetic way possible. This tried and tested protocol has very specific exercises, sets, rep and tempo that provides the fastest way to shape your body to have full, beautiful muscles, while maintaining a small waist and athletic upper body.


Bonus: included is a prelude that describes the reasoning behind this style of training and how The Glut Doc, Dr. Sunny Andrews has found the key to successfully sculpting strong physiques while maintaining feminity.




  • Detailed training
  • Nutrition ranging from 1600 to 2500 kcals (including a plant based option)
  • Supplement guide (all supplements are Evogen products, save with code ‘SUNNY’
  • Interlude describing reasoning behind training
  • PDF download and access to download link / program forever