Wellness Morphogenesis


Hello there! Thank you so much for taking the time to consider how I train and join me on the journey of health and wellness. I have been an athlete since I was a kid (I played soccer and ran track) and have made my own weight training protocol for the past 8 years, including my training protocol for Olympia. The ‘Wellness’ look is feminine but athletic and requires a requires rigorous training and well timed and adequate nutrition. The the only way to change your body is through consistency and pushing it to its limits. I was initially only recording my training during this prep so that I could release it as a another one of my programs however, I am very meticulous with every part of my routine and felt that to help you maximize the efficiency of this program I needed to be all inclusive.




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Wellness Morphogenesis Protocol:

This is a road to Olympia protocol made by top Olympian and medical doctor, Dr. Sunny Andrews. This is a very detailed program that includes everything necessary to transform your physique into the perfect Wellness shape for you. It is much more than just workouts and a meal plan. The science behind the specific training style is explained and every exercise is selected to target specific muscles to create the sought after Wellness physique.

What it includes:

Detailed Workouts with youtube links
Nutrition recommendations with meal plan examples
Mindset coaching
Supplement guide
Gut nutrition recipe
Abs and Conditioning program
Build your own meal plan program

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